Let's talk about MEC

Video Analytics – Fine Tuning for Big Gains

AEWIN has been working hard to provide highest performance out of your hardware investments. We’ve been tasked to provide GPU accelerated MEC edge servers for video analytics application. Specifically for accelerated live traffic monitoring...

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) – solutions and use cases

Multi-access Edge Computing, or MEC, as defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) has been a trending topic for a while, and these edge servers are being looked at by some of the builders of technologies for tomorrow...

AEWIN enables accelerated AI visual inferencing with NVIDIA T4 GPU accelerators

AEWIN has delivered to partners SCB-1921 and SCB-1935 equipped with the Inference champion: the NVIDIA T4 GPU. These GPU will decode live video streams, inference, and output useful data for advanced analytics of traffic patterns, license plate recognition, traffic conditions and more.

AEWIN have the right solutions for your Edge computing needs

As users generate and consume more data via the mobile network, don’t let cloud be a bottleneck in your network. Put the compute power of the cloud near end users to offer a better experience through lower latency and near instant response time